Two Worlds. One Journey. 

Trevor and Jason meet as firefighters 13 years ago protecting our communities in western Sydney. Both their fathers are respected elders in their communities and are deeply worried their knowledge, skills and culture are not getting passed down and are happy their legacy continues with the work we are doing. As parents themselves, both Trevor and Jason understand the importance of culture and the power it plays in connecting people. 

DALMARRI comes from the meaning MEETING PLACE and is perfect for what we want to teach in learning, engaging and connecting to all communities. 

Life is short, but art lives forever.


Trevor Eastwood

Trevor hails from the Ngamba people on the Barwon River, part of Kamiloroi country, on the outskirts of Brewarrina, NSW. He has lived most of his life in western Sydney and works closely with schools across Sydney teaching about Aboriginal culture. Since 2014, Trevor has been a mentor with Diversity Dimensions working on their Resourcing the Future program. Trevor has been a firefighter with NSW Fire and Rescue for the past 24 years and has been station commander at Penrith Fire Station. 

Trevor's father and role model, Danny Eastwood has won Indigenous Australian Artist of the Year twice. He has a strong role model in his father, who taught him the importance of walking in two worlds—a quality Trevor brings to the work he does in helping his culture thrive.

Over the last 15 years, Trevor has delivered cultural immersion programs across Sydney, been involved in Aboriginal archaeology as a site officer and worked with Indigenous employment programs as a mentor.

Jason Douglas

Jason is a Murri Man, whose people belong to the tribal lands of the Kabi Kabi of south-eastern Queensland, including Noosa. His father, Michael Douglas is Traditional Owner/ Native Title Kubi-Kubi.

Jason is an artist. Through various creative mediums including painting and other forms of Aboriginal art, he connects and educates others about Indigenous culture. He has extensive experience mentoring and supporting the Indigenous community in their employment journey. His ability to listen, connect and engage enable him to plan and lead tailored workshops, cultural immersions and school programs.

He has also dedicated 12 years of service as a firefighter with NSW Fire and Rescue at Penrith. Jason enjoys participating in education programs in schools and communities teaching about Aboriginal culture, art, history and the Dreaming.