What we do

Our driver is to create a positive influence, to connect and engage through tailored workshops and programs for clients and the community.

Learn - Engage - Connect

Dalmarri is an indigenous owned company specialising in educating, teaching and engaging people from all walks of life from CEO’s and employees, high school & primary school students and organisation volunteers to the oldest civilisation on earth, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their amazing culture.
Our Team at Dalmarri have created interactive, inspirational & intuitive programs, talks and workshops suited to any company, school or organisation. We are very approachable and flexible, working closely with our clients allowing us to tailor specific courses to suite individual needs, age groups, time constraints etc.
Our artworks are sought after by large companies and individuals alike, we come from a long line of celebrated, traditional indigenous artists and we currently offer murals, walls, canvas, tools and memorabilia. We run art classes and do commission work designing unique indigenous art for companies and organisations as feature pieces, walls, vehicles, promotional and print collateral.

Our workshops and talks generally available for session lengths below:

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • Half Day or 4 hours
  • Full Day or 6-8 hours
  • Schools based programs
  • Custom

A snapshot of what Dalmarri does

  • Cultural Immersion talks
  • Acknowledgement and brief overview
  • Many school based programs
  • Teaching indigenous dot art/ team building workshops
  • Bush Medicine & Bush Tucker
  • Our past and positive changes today
  • Healing and how art can make a difference
  • Indigenous in the workplace
  • Techniques, best practice and results in the workplace
  • Co-coordination and team building workshops
  • Tools and artifacts
  • Wall murals, canvas and other forms of indigenous art
  • Artwork and memorabilia for sale
  • Dreamtime/ story telling
  • Designing/ consulting artwork projects for organisations
  • Consultation with RAPS

Talk to us. We will listen. We will get results.


Get in touch with our friendly staff for more information or to discuss your needs for individual or group bookings and remember we work with you to create tailored workshops.